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My wife and I bought a home in the Reserve at Bay Creek in Loganville Georgia on January 20, 2016. Almost immediately (January 22, 2016) we started noticing water stains developing in the garage ceiling and walls.

We called the builder and they sent someone out to "fix" the issue. This involved painting and repairing the sheet rock and looking for the source of the water. The fix lasted for about a month at which time we noticed new water stains in the same areas as before. called builder again and again they sent some out to fix the issue.

This pattern when on for the better part of a year. Fast forward to September of this year when we had very heavy rain and the problem came back with a vengeance. Same areas as before only this time it was much bigger. A couple of days after the heavy rains I had a someone come out to the house and look for possible areas where the water could be coming in.

He looked at the roof and found nothing wrong with the way it was put on but he did discover where the leaks might be coming from...an uncaulked window. Not damaged caulk, or dried out caulk...NO CAULK. The window had never been sealed. It seems like a small thing but if rain comes down heavily on that side of the house it will find a way into the open spaces.

Since the window is right above the area in the garage where the water stain appears first and then spread out, it makes perfect sense. I tried getting in touch with Century and did receive an initial call back telling me that I would be contacted by a district manager but I never received a call from anyone other than him. I tried calling the person back that had originally called me but it transfers me to a voice mail. I've left multiple voice mails but have not been contacted.

I've sent them messages on Facebook Messenger multiple times, sent in warranty claims...no response. Sent tweeter messages...no response. Sent Instagram messages...No response. I told them that I was opening a case with the Better Business Bureau...No response.

At this point I can honestly say that I believe this goes beyond poor customer service into downright ignoring a problem in the hopes it will go away.

**Most of the attached photos are from the most recent occurrence. There are some from the January, March, April, and May 2016 occurrences as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Century Communities House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Preferred solution: Replace, repair, and paint everything effected by the water leak, check and mitigate (if required) any mold caused by the water leak.

I didn't like: Customer service, All the issues that are not resolved, Extremely poor quality workmanship.

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As a person shut out of home ownership I have no sympathy for you. I still cant see it being $250K in damage to just the garage.

From a window. Even if u had to tear the garage down & rebuild it that wouldn't be 250K.

The builder probably shafted you for being a hassle to them! Just run the defroster every morning when you take your car out:-)


Sounds like you did not get a home inspection, or this would’ve been caught before closing.


It's amazing that I have had this same issue with my home. They actually came out and supposedly fixed the problem four times and I still have the same problem.

I contacted warranty and they had the nerve to tell me that the roof of my home is only covered for a year.

And they could not help me with my issue. I will never ever use them again and I make that I tell everyone that I know looking for a home to purchase not to go to any community with them listed and the builder.

to Anonymous #1438392

It sounds like you need to contact a Construction Defect law firm. Their responsibility dies not end after the "warranty" is up ;)

to Anonymous #1575823

Contact your attorney general and their consumer hatever complaint division. RI has a very effective department.


Did you use their preferred lender?


Did you use their Lender's to purchase the home?


You did not lose $250,000.00 unless you paid cash for the place and then gave it away for free.

Get real.

to Anonymous #1376367

The response sounds like an employee would reply that you had to have paid cash for the home. It's horribly sad that in the country we live in where there is nothing but tragedy and sadness that Century doesn't care to show themselves different and concerned.

My goodness, why isn't the president and vice president not aware that their company is being run into the ground and every dissatisfied customer knows people and that bad news travels FAST!!

I CANNOT believe they have ultimately STOPPED responding to complaints.

You do have the FTC and the BBB as options as well as the news media. I have resolved that they are the only ones who are going to help us!

to Anonymous #1386654

I can attest to THEY DO NOT RESPOND OR RETURN PHONE CALLS!!!! I am a buyer in another community that has also been taken advantage of profussily!

to Anonymous #1386659

The next step is a lawsuit! Wish there was a way to ban together without their cronies being notified who is doing what. They are ruthless foul people!

to Anonymous #1437186

We understand! When you've been mistreated, f***** over, screwed, and you work hard for your money, you understand! Don't respond with sarcasm.


You couldn't tell that there was a window without caulk for over a year ?

You've gone to great lengths to list the methods by which you complained.

Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, BBB, multiple voice mails : everything EXCEPT what you should have done which was establish a paper trail on Day-1 and utilize nothing but Certified Mail return receipt requested. This creates a legally recognizable timeline with no he-said she-said nonsense like you have now.

I'm sorry you have a problem but you really botched the complaint process.

"Effected" by the water leak should read "affected" .

to Jackwell #1376369

It sounds as if you are being trolled by Century employees. Why would a random person insult you on two posts?

FYI to the person trolling this customer...you are ASKED to post your complaints on other social media sites when you submit one on this site for better visibility and so that others can see the reviews about this company. You insult the person's grammar and have not stopped to consider that it may be spell correct that is changing the words or they person could have a disability. This is the same condescending responses that we have received from Century. I think everyone on this site who has not received an offer for resolution needs to link up and get the media involved and other consumer protection agencies.

If you don't hit them hard, they aren't going to take it seriously. There are also options for a class action lawsuit. I have consulted with lawyers and you would be surprised that the number or individuals needed for a class action is not many at all.

The person who was previously responding to customer complaints is no longer with the company. The builders are also leaving as a result of poor treatment of them and customers and they don't want their names attached to poor quality...Let's go folks

to Anonymous #1379401

Yep, that is what I figured as well. Century is well known for their bully tactics.

to Anonymous #1386657

We agree! A class action law suit among all Georgia communities would be great! They can't close on any property if there ate any lawsuits pending against them.

to Jackwell #1379393

Yes we have opened up a BBB case and have gone to the media. The “Better Call Harry” consumer show contacted me Thursday to get more info on the house and the issues. We will see how that goes.

to Jackwell #1379398

Hey Jack...is it “well” or “off”?? I’m so glad that you are a professional complainer AND an English professor.

Your mother must be so proud. The Window is on the second floor about 15 feet off the ground and recessed so only if you are level with it can you see it. I personally do not own a ladder that large. Oh and by the way Mr.

Phallus head...yeah I know you will probably have to get a dictionary to find out what that is...we did use certified mail. ..|.

to Jackwell #1379408

Hi Century Homes,

Yes, I suspect this post is from you or one of your cronies. You can troll me all you want.

The media has contacted me and asked for more information and photos of the issue.

I suspect I will see you on the TV soon. ..|.

to pbkirk2555 #1386655

We ALL need to contact Clark Howard. They are bullying and trolling me too.

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